Our initiative…

We are group of people committed to offering Ecuadorian banana of the highest quality to the international market. Our initiative started back in 2010
when we decided to give a new approach to the Ecuadorian banana export activity. This approach is concentrated inside a framework of
sustainability and crop preservation.

At Firesky, we have designed a management system that looks to respond to the growing needs of our planet, by harnessing the resources that it
offers us in an intelligent and sustainable way, which is capable of satisfying the demands of the international market.

Our philosophy

Mission statement

We are dedicated to offering Ecuadorian banana of the highest quality to the international market, whilst being respectful to the banana producer, personnel involved and final consumer, always orienting our decisions inside a framework of crop sustainability and environment preservation.


To place our company as a synonym of quality on Ecuadorian banana for export, inside the most demanding markets worldwide.


Respect: To the producer, to the person, to the consumer, to the environment.

Equity: Obtaining mutual benefits.

Commitment: To export Ecuadorian banana of the highest quality.

Our Products

Our experience has allowed us to access the most demanding international markets and nowadays, we can provide Ecuadorian bananas of the highest quality to thousands of people worldwide. We have also worked by strategically providing fruit for internationally recognized brands.

Our brands

Our brands have gained acceptance at their destination markets, reassuring that consumers can enjoy a healthy and nutritious product daily.


Quality is key to our promise. Our duty is to focus on each and every detail of the process to make sure that the final product is of excellent quality.


In our commitment towards continuous improvement, we have certified our farms under GlobalGAP and Rainforest Alliance standards to guide our processes towards a sustainable agricultural activity.


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